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Transdermal Products

Controlled marijuana release, absorbed through the skin.

Transdermal Patch

Our transdermal patches may offer relief from a number of ailments including pain through the use of a simple application. Transdermal patches are a great option for patients looking for potential relief from ailments all day or all night long, due to the slow and controlled release of cannabinoids.

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30-45 mins


24-48 hours

How to use:

Apply patch on localized area to provide possible relief for aches, pains, and other minor discomforts. A patch can be left on for 24-48 hours. Use only one patch at a time.


Individual onset, duration, and effects may vary.

How it works in the body:

Cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin to ease pain for more focused therapeutic effects.

Best Used For

Localized pain


Low profile usage


Discreet consumption

All day relief

May reduce pain and inflammation in pinpointed areas


Effects may be localized

Results may vary based on the individual


Looking for something else?

Transdermal products may have a longer duration compared to other products, but our topical selection might interest you if you're looking for other non-smokable options.

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