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Our Products

We pride ourselves on redefining what is expected from high-quality medical
marijuana products, using science and innovation.



Flower refers to the smokable part of the marijuana plant. Flower is the most common form of consumable marijuana due to the variety and ease of which it can be ingested. 


Dabbables are made by extracting desirable compounds from the marijuana plant, creating an oil highly concentrated in THCa, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. Various post-processing methods are utilized to create different and unique consistencies such as Budder, Crumble and Shatter.

Dabbable, crumble pictured in glass jar
Cannabis dropper bottle tincture

Oils and Tinctures

Our smokeless option comes in oil form and is consumed by placing a few drops under the tongue. Orals have the same strength as other methods, are long-lasting, and dosing is more accurate because of the measured applicator.


Topicals come in lotion and oil consistency, which can be applied directly onto the skin with quick absorption. They may offer localized pain relief to help with muscle stiffness, joint pain, and eczema. Topicals applied to the skin do not produce psychoactive effects.

Cannabis topical salve


Distillate Cartridges, also known as vapes, are a highly concentrated and pure extract of marijuana. These concentrated medicinal products allow for a more efficient delivery method, making inhalation easier for patients.


Transdermal products are absorbed directly through the skin. They're a good option for patients looking for potential pain relief all day or all night long.

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