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Stage Mist

Budding Health

From seed to bud, we cultivate with care.

Cannabis bud


Marijuana flower is the most natural and readily available part of the plant to consume. The flower is trimmed, leaving high-quality buds. Our premium plants are carefully cultivated to ensure patients get the purest product on the market. 


Pure Dakota Trim is a strain-specific product offered at a lower price point than the 'A grade' marijuana buds. The term "trim" refers to the leaves or sugar leaves that surround marijuana flowers.

Cannabis trimmings/trim
Cannabis pre-rolled in paper; Smokeable pre-rolls


Pre-rolls are pre-packaged, ready-to-consume flower products, allowing ease of use wherever you are.  Our pre-rolls are professionally packaged by our experienced staff, saving you the hassle. Pure Dakota pre-rolls come in our many strain varieties so you can choose your favorite.

flower anchor

What to expect when ingesting Flower




1-3 hours

How to consume:

Ignite or vaporize cured marijuana flower and inhale smoke directly into lungs.


Individual onset, duration, and effects may vary.

How it works in the body:

Cannabinoids enter through the lungs and pass directly into the patient’s bloodstream. 

Best Used For

Fast delivery

Control of content

Complete cannabinoid spectrum 


Allows consumer to utilize specific strains to control effects

Provides fast delivery


May cause irritation to the respiratory system

High-profile usage


Smokable Concentrates

If you are comfortable smoking flower you may also enjoy our selection of dabbables. Dabbables are for more experienced patients looking for higher potency. 

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