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Black Soil

Our Process

Nurturing health through nature, cultivating with care.

How We Grow

Growing marijuana is a delicate process. Our experienced cultivation and harvest technicians have found success with their patience and acute attention to detail. Each step of this process is vital to producing the finest medicinal products for our qualifying patients, a responsibility we take very seriously at Pure Dakota.


We are always striving for the best quality plants so we can create superior medical marijuana products for our patients. Our growing process starts from a seed which we later clone to help ensure we maintain high genetic standards. Our consistency is important in providing patients with repeatable medicinal products.



After roots develop, we transplant the clones and start the vegetation process. During this stage, the plants stay under extensive light to develop their stems, roots, and leaves in preparation for flowering. 


After the vegetation process, the plants are moved to their final destination. We mimic nature’s sunlight as the seasons change from summer to fall, triggering the plants to begin flowering, and soon develop buds. When bud development is nearing completion, we begin our pre-harvest. 



At harvest, trichomes have become a cloudy, amber color meaning the buds have fully developed. Harvest technicians prepare the buds.

Drying & Curing

After harvest, the plants are dried within a controlled environment in order to remove excess moisture from the plant and buds. When the desired moisture level is reached, the buds are removed from the stems and enter the final step of curing to enhance the flavor and quality. The buds are placed in curing barrels to maintain flavor, aroma, and potency until they are tested and ready for packaging.

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Quality Offerings

The growing process is crucial in delivering high-quality marijuana products to qualified patients. We're proud to offer a wide range of medicinal products to dispensaries in North Dakota.

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