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Marijuana Glossary

Terms and phrases used with medical marijuana.

Whether you’re new to the marijuana industry, or are an existing patient,  you may be overwhelmed by the terminology, acronyms and slang. Browse our glossary of marijuana terms to become more familiar with industry terminology.

Basic Terminology



Items such as pipes, grinders, and electronic equipment used to administer or consume medical marijuana products.



The piece that holds the marijuana in a pipe, glass, or ceramic instrument used to smoke marijuana.



Another name for Flower.


Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

BHO refers to any marijuana concentrate produced through extraction, in which butane is the primary solvent. 


Compounds within the marijuana plant, which activate receptors in the brain to produce potential medicinal effects.



The technical term for marijuana.


CBD (Cannabidiol)

An important medicinal cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant, with non-psychoactive effects.



A qualifying patient, designated caregiver, or compassion center agent who has been issued and possesses a valid registry identification card.


Compassion Center

A manufacturing facility (grower/producer) or dispensary (retail store) from a registered medical marijuana facility.


Compassion Center Agent

A principal officer, board member, manager, governor, employee, volunteer, or agent of a compassion center.



General term used to describe various marijuana oils such as wax, shatter, or live resin.


Designated Caregiver

An individual who agrees to manage the well-being of a registered qualifying patient with respect to the qualifying patient's medical use of marijuana.



The blooming buds of the marijuana plant, where the largest concentration of medicinal components are contained.



A tool used to grind marijuana in preparation for smoking or vaporizing.


Health Care Provider

A physician, a physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse.



A marijuana strain that blends Sativa and Indica.



A strain known for its possible relaxing physical effects.



A strain known for its possible energizing cerebral effects and mood-elevation.



Abbreviation for nuggets, also known as pieces of Flower.



Glass or ceramic instruments used to smoke marijuana.



A small cigarette-like cone that contains medical marijuana.


Qualifying Patient

An individual who has been diagnosed by a health care provider as having a debilitating medical condition.


Registry Identification Card

A document issued by the department which identifies an individual as a registered qualifying patient, registered designated caregiver, or registered compassion center agent.



A high-quality marijuana concentrate with a hard surface that can be broken into smokeable pieces.



A specific variety of marijuana known by its own name and unique characteristics.



Aromatic oils in marijuana and other plants which impact the smell, flavor, and effects of specific strains.


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

The best-known phytocannabinoid and the main psychoactive compound in marijuana.


Tincture or Cannabinoid Solution

A liquid solution infused with marijuana which is administered by placing it under the tongue, or through oral ingestion.



An oil-based product of varying forms that is rubbed into the skin for localized symptom relief.

Vape Cartridge

A pre-filled cartridge containing marijuana concentrate designed for vaporization.



An electronic device that vaporizes marijuana for inhalation.



Wax refers to the softer, opaque oils that have lost their transparency after post-processing. Waxes span a range of consistencies from Crumble to Budder.



Advanced Terminology


The topmost flower bud on a marijuana plant.



The process of burning a material at high temperatures.



A slow, controlled drying process in efforts to maximize the quality of marijuana flowers.



Heating process to convert cannabinoids into their active forms.



A refined and purified version of a marijuana extract.


A collection of loose marijuana trichomes that have been physically separated from the buds, either through intentional means, or regular handling of Flower.


Pure Dakota Trim

A combination of kief, shake, and trim to create a low-cost, high-efficiency option for patients who don’t mind foregoing large buds.



Concentrated marijuana created using heat and compression, rather than chemical extraction to form a sticky sap-like substance.


Shake or “leftovers,” refers to the small amounts of marijuana that break off the main buds, due to regular handling of the product; resulting in finely ground marijuana flower.



The crystals that appear on the outside of marijuana flowers where cannabinoid contents are most concentrated.



The leaves, or sugar leaf, that surround marijuana flowers.




This list is meant to be educational. It may not be conclusive of all marijuana terms and definitions may vary slightly. This list should not be used for medical or legal advice.


Now what?

Now that you know the lingo, learn more about the types of marijuana and how to use them to find which method is best for you. 

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