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About Us

We are Bismarck’s first medical marijuana manufacturing facility. We’ve been an active grower in North Dakota since 2018.


Our Beliefs

Every patient’s journey with medical marijuana is different. We believe in empowering patients by way of growing high-quality marijuana that meets every individual's needs. 

As a patient, you can depend on us to supply safe and tested medical marijuana products. From our wide variety of strains, to our innovative manufacturing methods; we encourage wellness with plant based solutions.

We strive for excellence

We stay true to our Midwest roots by implementing integrity into our growing practices – exceeding safety and quality standards because we care for our community. We’re local to North Dakota, and we’re here to redefine expectations with high-quality marijuana. We provide an unwavering passion to bring the best medical marijuana products to the patients within our great state.


What We Value


Doing the right thing while acting justly and sincerely.


Encouraging wellness with plant based solutions.


Building trust by consistently having the medical marijuana products dispensaries need.


Setting the standard for medicinal product quality, safety, and processes.

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