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Marijuana Topicals

Topicals infused with marijuana for possible relief.

Cannabis lotion


Our lotion can easily be rubbed into the skin and quickly absorbed. This may offer patients fast relief from skin issues, aches, pain, and other minor discomforts. 


These are oil-based rubs, rich in cannabinoids and other ingredients. A stainless steel roller ball makes targeted application easy without the mess. When applied topically to a problem area, the oil may help alleviate pain, muscle stiffness, joint pain, eczema, or even dry skin.

Cannabis roll-on applicator
topical anchor
Person relaxing in chair, clock visible



Hourglass to represent duration of product effects


1-4 hours

How to use:

Apply on localized area to provide possible relief for aches, pains, and other minor discomforts.


Individual onset, duration, and effects may vary.

How it works in the body:

Cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin to ease pain for more focused therapeutic effects.

Best Used For

Localized pain


Low profile usage


Discreet consumption

No cannabinoids found in bloodstream

May reduce pain and inflammation in pinpointed areas


Local results only

Needs to be applied multiple times per day


Looking for something else?

Topicals may work great for localized pain, but if you're needing systemic effects, our flower selection could be a great option for you.

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