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Liquid Texture

Concentrated Dabbables

Extracted doses of concentrated marijuana.

Live Cannabis resin

Live Resin

Offered in many forms and consistencies, live resin distinguishes itself from other types of marijuana concentrates, as it is created using frozen marijuana, unlike traditional dabbables that are created with dry or cured flower. Doing so creates a more flavorful and aromatic medicinal product with complex properties closely resembling its originating strain.


Shatter is left undisturbed during post-processing, resulting in a semi-pliable texture that when hardened, takes on a glass like appearance and consistency. The post-processing technique results in a greater ease of use.

Cannabis Shatter
Cannabis budder


A well-known and sought-after consistency in the world of dabbables, budder is agitated and whipped during post-processing thus, infusing oxygen into its smooth texture. This post-processing technique exfoliates terpenes, producing strong aromas and flavors.


Crumble is dried during post-processing, resulting in a product that is easily broken apart. The post-processing technique specifically related to crumble results in greater ease of use.

Cannabis crumble


Known for its purity and high potency, Diamonds are comprised mostly of crystalline cannabinoids. After processing, Diamonds appear as small crystal Cannabinoids that may look “stained” by its corresponding sauce. It will retain a smaller portion of terpenes and flavonoids through separation but is still very rich in cannabinoids. 


Sauce is produced by forcibly separating a concentrate into two forms, liquid, and crystalline. It has a honey-like consistency that’s comprised mostly of liquid terpenes and flavonoids, giving it robust and intense aromas and flavors.

Dab anchor

What to expect when consuming dabbables




1-3 hours

How to consume:

Using a dab rig, heat a small amount of marijuana concentrate on the head of a preheated nail and inhale through the mouthpiece. Concentrates include shatter, budder, live resin, and more.


Individual onset, duration, and effects may vary.

How it works in the body:

Similar to smoking Flower, cannabinoids enter through the lungs and pass into the patient’s bloodstream.  

Best Used For

High tolerance patients

Intense effects

Fast delivery


Less harsh on throat and lungs

High bioavailability

High concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids


Not advised for the novice user

May require a blowtorch

If consumed too quickly  there is a possibility of anxiety and nausea


Have you ever tried distillate cartridges?

If you're looking for a gentler method of consumption, learn more about vaping.

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